Reasons why I like Studio

These are my Top 5 reasons why I like Trados Studio…

1.  Possibility to use multiple translation memories at the same time and in different capacities (update, lookup, concordance)

2. AutoSuggest feature — this works great with AutoSuggest dictionaries and MultiTerm glossaries. However, I don’t understand why the feature is case-sensitive!

3. Streamlined and improved interface with MultiTerm: you can see all terminology hits at once and adding new terms on the fly is very easy and fast.

4. Real-time word counter: look at the lower right hand corner.

You can see real-time wordcounts (and percentages) for non translated, draft and translated part of the document.

5. Display filtering: you can filter segments based on their translation status or source/target content in the Editor view. This is great when you want to make sure that you have translated a certain term consistently in the document.

One Response to “Reasons why I like Studio”

  1. Tapani Says:

    Display Filtering is a cool feature that I have never thought of previously. Thanks for the tip!

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