Where are the manuals?

It wasn’t that many years ago when we actually got printed manuals with Trados. After that it was just PDF files. Now, there’s only one manual, the “SDL Trados Studio Migration Guide“. You can also download an Installation Guide from the “My Downloads” area.  Other than that, there’s the online Help which is somewhat thin for many topics. In addition, its search function doesn’t appear to be the best.  To be better able to search the Help files, I combined all of them into one PDF file. That way I can use the full search function of Adobe Acrobat. The downside of this is that I’m only using those files that were installed into my computer. When using the Help feature, you can actually choose to access either your local files or the most up-to-date files on the SDL server.  Amy Bryant had a good suggestion on the ATA Language Technology list recently to search the help files by Googling

site:producthelp.sdl.com “YOUR SEARCH EXPRESSION”

That will take you to the help files on the SDL server and you are able to use Google’s better searching capabilities, though this doesn’t seem to work well every time either.


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