Problem with the “non-translatable text” feature

I recently got an RTF file to translate that included several non-translatable strings within angle brackets, for example {<storyname=zzz_xxx_security_instrucs_3>}.  I wanted to try Studio’s “Non-translatable text” feature for this so that all strings like this would automatically be excluded from translation. You can do this by going to Project Settings > File Types > RTF > Non-translatable texts — or you should be able to do it that way. No matter what I tried, I wasn’t able to get it to work, and it actually refused to save anything to the “end text” field.  After 10 minutes I gave up and just jumped over the strings in the source text.

I did, however, contact the SDL Support and got this reply:

This is actually a bug in the software.  It is a known issue and should be resolved in SP2 of Studio 2009.

So, we’ll wait for the SP2 then…


2 Responses to “Problem with the “non-translatable text” feature”

  1. Luca Says:

    4 years laterI am still waiting for the fix !!!

    • Tuomas Says:

      Hi Luca! I’m happy to report that this works well in Studio 2011 and 2014. I’m not sure if it ever worked in Studio 2009. If you are using 2011/2014 and it doesn’t seem to work in your case, let me know.

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