AutoSuggest dictionary sources

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As I mentioned earlier, the AutoSuggest (AS) feature is one of the best things in Trados Studio.  You can use it with AutoSuggest dictionaries, MultiTerm glossaries and AutoText entries. To be able to use it with AutoSuggest dictionaries, I created AS dictionaries from my main Eng>Fin TM and two other large TMs (that I had not incorporated into my main TM). These two others were the EU Law TM (about 400,000 TUs) and the old Microsoft  glossaries TM (about 300,000 TUs; from the time the glossaries were available free as csv files). All three TMs were much larger than the required 25,000 TU minimum limit and bring good matches constantly.

I’m sure the AutoSuggest dictionary feature works even better with most other languages. The problem with Finnish is that it uses a lot of various types of endings which means that the word/fragment  might not end up on the auto suggestion list at all, or several forms of the same word/fragment end up on the list which makes it slower to use the list.

If  you don’t have large enough TMs, take a look at the few AS dictionaries that are available from or download  the EU “Acquis Communautaire” TM from and convert that.

Another potential  source of bilingual files for AutoSuggest dictionaries and other TM use is OPUS.  Jost Zetsche mentioned this in the December 11, 2009 issue of his excellent Tool Kit newsletter.  OPUS includes bilingual files in many language directions from various sources, such as the European Medicines Agency, the European constitution, the  European Parliament Proceedings, and the corpus.  However, turning this material to a TM takes a bit work. Even the EMEA corpus that is in TMX format needs to be prepped before it can be imported to Trados.  Actually, I had to import the prepped TMX file first into a Trados 2007 TM, then export it as an TMX file which I then was able to import to Studio. I’m not sure why Studio refused to read the prepped  TMX file but it did, so I had to cycle it through Workbench.

I’m sure there are other sources out there as well…


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