More About Display Filtering


I had mentioned Display Filtering as one of my Top 5 reasons why I like Studio in one of the earlier postings. I have used it mainly for filtering segments based on the source or target content to check if I have translated a certain term consistently and correctly, or to quickly see all the non-confirmed segments. However, the Display Filter toolbar drop-down list has several other options as well, and I just recently found good use for one of them.

I had about ten very similar files to translate with about 80-90% file-to-file repetition rate. After the second file, I realized that I really don’t want to waste my time proofreading all those 100% matches with every file. Of course, I could have used the match level indicator in the center column to skip them but that’s quite time-consuming as well with large files like these. Anyhow, that’s when I turned to the Display Filter toolbar.  With the “New translated content” selection, you can hide all the 100% matches which means that only those segments are visible that might have some new content and are worth proofreading.  That certainly streamlined my translation process.

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