Customizing the QuickInsert Toolbar


In Studio, you can add your own QuickInsert buttons to the QuickInsert toolbar for easy access to any characters, character pairs, tags, etc. I discovered the feature sometime ago and have used it to create a shortcut button to insert  the Finnish quotation marks as a pair. (For those who don’t know, Finnish opening and closing quotation marks are identical and look like the English curly closing quotation mark.) I have also used it to add bullet, curly bracket pairs (useful when translating DejaVu “table files” outside DejaVu to help to insert those annoying bracketed number codes) and other special characters.

However, one day I noticed that some of my QuickInsert entries seemed to have disappeared when I started working on a new project. I really couldn’t figure it out and finally contacted the SDL Support. I’m a bit embarassed to admit this but it turned out that I had defined some of the QuickInsert entries using the Project Settings route to access the File Types > QuickInsert options. When you do that, the settings will only apply to the current project. If you want to use them for all projects, you need to access the options by selecting Tools > Options > File Types. Makes sense, but because the dialog box where the File Type settings are located looked identical to me in both cases, I didn’t think it would make any difference which way I do it. However, they are not exactly identical, and the title bar tells you which is which, i.e. it says either Options or  Project Settings. Duh! Actually, it’s very important to realize this difference because it doesn’t only affect the QuickInsert feature but all the other File Type features and some others as well.

Anyhow, I think this is a good feature and again one more factor that makes Studio very customizable.

9 Responses to “Customizing the QuickInsert Toolbar”

  1. Michael Schubert Says:

    Good tip! I used it to add the formatted apostrophe, a common character for those of us translating into English but sorely lacking in the Editor. Ctrl + 0 now replaces Alt + 0146. That’s progress, at least.

  2. Grigori Gazarian Says:

    There’s a wonderful tool that may help when the QuickInsert is unavailable, TypeItEasy.
    The page is in Russian but you can download the installer here (it’s in English).

    Very useful for inserting some uncommon or hard to find characters, like ±, µ, or §, and it’s fully customizable to boot.

  3. Luca Tutino Says:

    It does not work – as usual. When I click on QickInsert Settings (with QuickInsert Toolbar on and cursor in target language – is there any other trick to fail me?) I only get the general Project Sectings dialog. When I click on the file type I am using (sdl xliff from ttx – btw should I use ttx or sdl xliff? However I tried both and also other types) there is no Add Quickinsert option in sight anywhere. Nothing relevant to Quickinsert seem to be avail on that window, even trying all the countless options.

    Also this story of the “very important” difference between Project and General Settings is unqualifiable. I do not understand why the respective windows could not be graphically differentiated to avoid errors, which I read are happening all the time to all translators, causing hours of wasted time.

    At this point I tend to agree with the general opinion I am reading more and more online: SDL programmers simply hate us translators!

  4. Jesse Says:

    Have you used this in 2011? For some reason my custom quick inserts don’t show at all at the toolbar or in the quick insert list. I can see them under the file type in the settings, but can’t use them 😦

    • Tuomas Says:

      Make sure you are using the appropriate method — either via Tools > Options or via Project Settings, depending on what you want to accomplish, and that you tick the “Display on toolbar” box in the Add QuickInsert dialog box. You might also need to close and reopen the file for the QuickInsert button to be activated. Also, depending on the file type, there might be only one customizable spot left, such as with Word files. I hope that helps…

  5. Sandra Says:

    How do you customize the Apply highlight tag? It does not have a keyboard character. Also, how do you get rid of the useless quote marks in other languages, like the French quotes, or replace them with useful characters? Thanks, Sandra

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