Problem With Translation Memory Fields


My previous post reminded me about another, somewhat bigger, problem associated with using multiple TMs at the same time, namely updating translation memory fields during translation or batch processing. If you want to label your TUs with a subject matter or client name, you would use translation memory fields pretty much the same way as in Trados 2007. However, you might have noticed, that not all fields and their values are available when you go to select them in the Field Values window.  If you have several TMs enabled, each one of them has to have those fields and their values that you want to use. Otherwise they are not there. Annoying.

To overcome the problem, I usually disable all the other TMs and leave only the one I want to update enabled when I run the TM update after the translation is done. That way all the fields and their values are available in the Field Values window. I select the correct fields and their values and run the Update Main Translation Memories batch task to update the TM with the correct field information. You can actually select first the update task from the Project menu and then disable the TMs and select the fields while in the “Settings” window that comes up during the upgrade task.

I was told by the SDL Support that this issue has been filed as an enhancement request. Hopefully, we’ll see it in the next release. It’s not a big problem as such but if one uses TM fields regularly, as I do, this adds some extra steps to the process.

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