TM Search Problems Caused by Tags


I noticed the other day that when I’m doing a text search in a TM, the search function doesn’t find the TU if the TU includes a tag in the search expression part of it. For example,  I know that the TM includes at least one TU that has the text ”When operating the handpiece” in it, but the search does not find the TU because there’s a tag between the words ’the’ and ’handpiece’. I can find the string if I search for ”When operating the” since the tag is outside this part of the sentence. That appeared very impractical and I wasn’t sure if that’s really how the TM search is supposed to function, so I contacted the SDL Support and asked about this. I was told that, indeed, this is the case but the problem can be circumvented by using asterisks as wildcards around each word. With the search expression ”*When*operating*the*handpiece*” I can find my TU.  Of course, this trick works only as long as the tags are not inside words, and it can also increase the number of unwanted hits and potentially make the search slower.

Note that the same problem is also with concordance search but there you can’t use wildcards.

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