QuickInsert-related Error Message

After installing the most recent Studio update (ver. 9.1.1264.0), I started getting this error message every time I opened an RTF file for translation:

Error thrown by a dependency of object 'QuickTags' defined in 'transformed file [RTF.sdlfiletype]' : Initialization of object failed : Cannot find matching factory method 'Create on Type [Sdl.FileTypeSupport.Framework.IntegrationApi.IconDescriptor].
 while resolving 'constructor argument[0]' to '(inner object)' defined in 'transformed file [RTF.sdlfiletype]'
 while resolving 'Icon' to '(inner object)' defined in 'transformed file [RTF.sdlfiletype]'

QuickInsert-related Error Message

The file opened and I was able to translate it but most of the buttons in the QuickInsert toolbar were inactive and the Preview function didn’t work. Somewhat annoying because I wanted to use my QuickInsert buttons to enter special characters and character pairs that I had defined. I didn’t care that much about the missing Preview since I have to run the spell check in Word anyhow since Studio is still missing support for Finnish spell checking (don’t get me started with that again). Anyhow, the good news is that I was able to fix the problem by deleting all the QuickInsert entries that I had created for RTF files. Then I just recreated them and everything was back to normal — I haven’t seen the error message since.

I thought that maybe this was just an anomaly in my system since the SDL Support didn’t have an immediate solution for this. However, just a couple of days later a colleague of mine told me that he had the same problem but with DOC files. I told him about my experience and he was able to fix the problem with the same method.


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