Hidden Text Is Hidden Even in Studio


I taught two Trados Studio workshops in Dallas this past weekend, and while explaining how to use the hidden rows and columns feature in Excel to hide text from translation in Studio (and in Trados 2007), I started thinking that it would be great if this also worked with Word files. Of course, Word doesn’t have the Hide/Unhide feature but you can define text as hidden using the Font Effects settings. While flying back to San Francisco, I tried this out and to my great surprise, it worked! I also searched the Studio online help and did not find this mentioned anywhere.

Most Trados users probably know that hiding columns or rows in Excel is a handy way to hide those parts from translation. This is the default setting in Studio (and Trados 2007), but can be changed via file type settings (Tools > Options > File Types). This works similarly in Word, except that there’s no option to change this behavior; whatever text is defined as hidden in Word will not be presented for translation when the file is opened for translation. So, you can hide any non-translatable sections, such as columns in Word tables, and translate the file in Studio without being bothered by the sections that don’t need to be translated. When the translation is finished, open the file in Word and change the hidden text back to visible.

If you want to see the hidden text during translation, switch to the “All content” view in the Display Filter Toolbar, and all the hidden text will be displayed as tags. You can see the tag content if you turn the Full Tag Text view on (click Full Tag Text button in the Translation and Review Toolbar).

I find this method much easier than using the non-translatable styles like tw4winExternal.