Finnish Spell Checker in SP3 and Editing Files Outside Studio

I got really excited when I noticed wavy red lines appearing under misspelled words after installing  SP3. However, I quickly realized that the spell checker did not know enough Finnish to be of any use. It couldn’t recognize most combined words or words with endings which is a pretty essential requirement for a Finnish spell checker. So, the excitement lasted about 30 seconds after which I turned the spell checking feature off.

However, there are some good news related to spell checking. I was told that the upcoming Studio 2011 version will include MS Word spell checker.

Another option to deal with spell checking and reviewing translations outside Studio is the new SDLXLIFF Convertor tool that should soon be available through the SDL Exchange program. You can basically export a translated bilingual file as a bilingual DOCX file (in a table format), edit  the file in Word, and then import the file back to the original SDLXLIFF file. This will then update the SDLXLIFF  file so that it reflects all the changes made in Word (incl. added comments).

The SDL Exchange program has a couple of other interesting tools as well, namely SDL TTX It (to batch convert files to TTX format) and Bilingual Preview Generator (which seems to do pretty much what the SDLXLIFF Convertor does except that it doesn’t import the edited file back to Studio). Anyhow, I had a chance to try out the SDLXLIFF Convertor tool and found it quite handy. In addition to helping me with the Finnish spell checking dilemma, it also makes it easier to work with editors who don’t have Studio. Now we just need a filter that can convert SDLXLIFF files to “old-fashioned” bilingual Word files and back…


2 Responses to “Finnish Spell Checker in SP3 and Editing Files Outside Studio”

  1. branchenbuch Says:

    There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.
    Keep working ,great job!

  2. Sulkio Says:

    I hope SDL 2011 will come soon AND solve that spell check problem known since the very beginning of Trados workbenches and TMs. Thanks for your “sisu” !

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