Problems with File Types after Installing SP3

After installing SP3, I encountered some problems with Studio File Types. The biggest problem was that I wasn’t able to open any MS Office files in Studio in one of my computers. I contacted the support and they had two suggestions. First one was to replace my File Types folder in “C:\Users\[USERNAME]\My Documents\SDL Trados Studio” with the File Types folder in “C:\Program Files\SDL\SDL Trados Studio\Studio1”. That didn’t help, so we tried the second method which was to replace my Sdl.FileTypeSupport.Framework.Core.Settings.dll file with an updated version. That worked. I was told that this has something to do with clashes caused by “custom language cultures” used by some other applications. [Addition on 10/17: You can find more about this error at The related error message is The type initializer for ‘Sdl.FileTypeSupport.Framework.Core.Settings.FontMappingSettings’ threw an exception.]

In my other computer, I was able to open all file types, but I was not able to access some of the PDF File Type settings. This got fixed by the folder replacement trick mentioned above. Another problem I had was that none of the QuickInsert buttons I had created earlier (in SP2) for Word files were listed in the QuickInsert list (Tools > Options > File Types > Microsoft Word 2000-2003 > QuickInsert). However, the buttons were in the toolbar and functioned correctly so I was able to use them but they just weren’t listed.  Anyhow, that’s a minor issue. I can either live with that or just recreate the buttons.


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