AutoSuggest Dictionaries from Smaller TMs


What to do if you don’t have enough TM content (at least 25,000 translation units) to create an AutoSuggest dictionary but you really, really want one? You can always check if there’s one available at for your language pair. However, you might also be able to create one from a much smaller TM. Becky Blackley, a Trados Trainer colleague of mine, told me the other day one way to do it. Very simple method – why didn’t I think about it???

Anyhow, it basically involves creating a larger TM by removing definite and indefinite articles from the source segments and then combining all three (or four) versions (= 1. original TM, 2. TM without indefinite articles, 3. TM without definite articles, 4. TM without indefinite and definite articles) of the original TM into one which is now much more likely to have the required 25,000 translation units. Becky kindly offered to share her detailed instructions, and you can get them from right here Create an ASD from fewer than 25,000 TUs if you don’t want to figure it out based on my semi-cryptic explanation.

2 Responses to “AutoSuggest Dictionaries from Smaller TMs”

  1. Carl Carter Says:

    Hi Tuomas,

    I stumbled across your blog last week and find the articles on Trados 2009 interesting and very frank, which I like. Nice to see someone talking about technical problems and proposing solutions at the same time. 🙂

    I don’t actually use any Trados products yet – I’m a Déjà Vu user at the moment – but Trados Studio 2009 has some interesting features that DVX doesn’t offer yet (although the new version that’s about to be launched will include an AutoSuggest facility of its own, it seems).

    I’d have to try out AutoSuggest first to say whether it’s useful or not. I fear it might get in the way of translating when you’ve already got a translation in mind and are just keying it in. Have you found it to be helpful or a hindrance?

    I don’t quite understand why 25,000 translation units have to be available before the AutoSuggest feature can work – that seems quite a high number of segments if you ask me.

    The free downloads at will no doubt be a boon for some users, but there aren’t many languages or language directions listed as yet. If I used Studio 2009 and wanted to download an English-German file, would I also be able to use it when translating in the other direction, i.e. from German to English? It doesn’t look like it. Versions that work in both directions might be a good idea, if only because they’d save some disk space on users’ PCs (and SDL’s server).



    Amper Translation Service
    82256 Fürstenfeldbruck


  2. Tuomas Says:

    Thanks Carl. I like the AutoSuggest feature a lot and find it very useful because I’m a slow typist. However, it does take a while to get used to it and it does affect the way one types. If you are a fast typist, it might not be as useful.

    Yes, 25,000 TUs is a large number but you probably have more than that in all of your DejaVu TMs, so creating your own AutoSuggest dictionary shouldn’t be a problem.

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