How Will Bilingual Word Files Function in Studio 2011?

The SDL blog has a very good explanation on how bilingual (“uncleaned”) Word files can be used in the new Studio 2011. You can find the article here. It also shows some other nifty new features, such as quick TM upgrade and new display filters.

More about Trados Studio 2011

I listened the Sneak Peek at Studio 2011 webinar yesterday – cut actually my kayaking trip short for that – and here are some of the highlights we can expect from the new version:

  • Possibility to open “old-style” bilingual (uncleaned) Word files in Studio and save them in the same format
  • Track changes function
  • Spell checking using Microsoft Word spell checker
  • New and improved file filters (for example, for OpenOffice, StarOffice, INX and MIFfiles)
  • More display filters (for all segment categories, segments with tracked changes, number only segments, etc.)
  • PerfectMatch available in Studio allowing pretranslation based on bilingual files (SDLXLIFF, TTX or ITD)
  • Faster opening and analysis of files
  • Improved integration with Trados 2007
  • Easier licensing

Sounds pretty promising. I don’t know about you, but this certainly solves the three main issues I have had with Studio 2009 (the three first ones in the list above).

You can find more info, including some videos, upgrade offers and a product brief, at the following SDL sites:

Oh, and when will this be available? The release is expected during the second half of September. Just in time for my birthday.

Trados Studio 2011 Is Coming…

The SDL Webinar calendar for July includes six 30-minute Sneak peek at SDL Trados Studio 2011 presentations (in English). There’s also one presentation in German.

Here’s a copy of the event details from the SDL website:

Take a sneak peek at some of the new features in SDL Trados Studio 2011 before it’s released this Autumn.

Note: if you purchase SDL Trados Studio 2009 now, you will be automatically upgraded to SDL Trados Studio 2011 when it releases.

This 30 minute webinar will contain:

  • An overview of the exciting new features of SDL Trados Studio 2011
  • Key benefits
  • Information regarding upgrades and our pre-launch campaign
  • Questions and answers