ATA 2011 Conference Presentation: Working with non-Trados Studio Clients/Translators

I promised last week at the ATA conference in Boston that I will post a summary of my presentation here. You can download the slides with some additional notes by clicking the image on the left. The presentation will also be available through the ATA eConference.

However, here’s a brief summary for those in a hurry:

I reviewed various incompatibility scenarios from translator (and LSP) point of view and offered solutions so that Studio-users can utilize the benefits of Studio even if their clients/translators still use Trados 2007. I have covered these methods and scenarios in various articles on this blog during the past year or so. The list below includes links to those articles for more details.

Five ways to be compatible with Trados 2007 project flow

1. Deliver translated file and matching TM

2. Translate as a TagEditor (TTX) file in Studio

3. Bilingual Word table with SDL XLIFF Converter

4. Translate as a bilingual “uncleaned” Trados Workbench file in Studio
– possible in Studio 2011

5. Translate first in Studio and then retranslate in Trados Workbench using the same TM

In addition, I also talked about how to translate documents in Studio when only parts of a document need to be translated, such as with DéjàVu export tables.

3 Responses to “ATA 2011 Conference Presentation: Working with non-Trados Studio Clients/Translators”

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  2. Lou Says:

    Hi Tuomas,

    great blog. Thank you for all the priceless info. I am using Studio 2009 and lovin’ it. Now I am considering upgrading to Studio 2011, but what if a client only has 2009? Are they compatible? Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas 🙂


    • Tuomas Says:

      That shouldn’t be a problem; TMs, termbases and SDLXLIFF files are fully compatible. Note though that the projects are version-specific. Studio 2009 projects will be upgraded automatically to Studio 2011 projects when opened in Studio 2011, and you can’t open Studio 2011 projects in Studio 2009.

      Studio 2011 also allows you to save project packages in either in Studio 2009 or 2011 format.

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