About this blog and myself

I’m an English > Finnish technical translator and have used Trados since late 1990’s — often happily, sometimes less so. In addition, I work as a Trados Trainer training and consulting individual translators and translation companies as well as teaching workshops for translator organizations. For more information about my translation and Trados training services, see my website at www.finntranslations.com.

I started this blog so that I can share my experiences on migrating to Trados Studio 2009 from Trados 2007 — the good, the bad and the ugly… Nobody pays me to write something or not to write something on this blog. However, feel free to make me an offer. happy

My hope is that some of this information will help you to discover new features and tricks that will make your Trados Studio migration and translation experience better. And for those of you who have not yet decided to upgrade, maybe this will help you to make up your mind… one way or the other.

Tuomas Kostiainen

3 Responses to “About this blog and myself”

  1. Tatjana Adams Says:

    Hi Mr. Kostianen,
    I am a new translator and did not have Trados 2007.

    I have REALLY struggled with 2009.

    Thank you so much for your postings. Being new to the software, I have tended to blame myself for the inconsistencies (“bugs”) and have nearly gone mad running trial analyses of documents to try and figure out this software. Meanwhile, my new start-up business is not making the money I need to pay bills, etc.

    Bless you and please keep posting your blog. I feel so much better after reading your blog.

    Thank you.

    • Tuomas Says:

      Thank you Tatjana. I’ll be adding new postings after I get back from my summer vacation in Finland (towards the end of August). Stay tuned…

  2. Adam Warren (41189 - IanDhu) Says:

    Thank you, Tuomas, for your very valuable help with Studio. I think I may thereby make it pay for itself before it becomes obsolete in the path of Studio 2011 🙂
    Adam Warren.

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